Park Berg en Bos, Apeldoorn

Park Berg en Bos, Apeldoorn
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vrijdag 11 januari 2013

Scheveningen, donkey riding

This is a post for Sepia Saturday 159.
Netherlands South-Holland, Scheveningen donkey riding 1937 01 16a

This postcard from Scheveningen (Netherlands) has a postmark dated 16 January 1937. The card shows the busiest stretch of the Scheveningen beach, right-front of the Kurhaus. That part has always been a real tourist beach, both before the war and after.

In the foreground you see a group of donkeys that you can rent for a ride on the beach. Especially boys liked to use this opportunity. One of the boys has a sailor outfit. The other guys wear knee-breeches and stockings.

Behind the donkeys are the wicker beach chairs. You can rent chairs for a certain period, usually two at a time. The seats are angled towards each other, so you have some privacy, a private spot with shade and you can watch the kids.

The building on the right is the famous ‘Steinberger Kurhaus Hotel’, abbreviated Kurhaus. From the Kurhaus you can get over a footbridge to the Wilhelmina Pier to walk above the sea.

Netherlands South-Holland, Scheveningen donkey riding 1937 01 16b

The ordinary people of Scheveningen went to the beach opposite the Keizerstraat. In the first years after the war we came there often. You did not have to pay for a place to sit. My mother just sat on the sand and meanwhile we played the thousand games you can play on the beach: paddle in the sea, building sand castles, kite flying, shell hunting.

We went quite often to the beach, in my mind almost every day, but at least if there was a heat wave. Over the years it became more crowded on the beach. We all got a bike and we rode often through the dunes to the north. At the Wassenaarseslag we turned left and so we arrived at the quiet beach. We spent the whole day on the beach, playing and swimming.

In 1959 we moved to Hoogeveen in the province of Drenthe. There was no beach and no ocean. It happened to be a very hot summer. I longed every day to swim in the sea, but from that year on it was only possible during the holidays.

Now I live in Arnhem and I still miss the beach and the sea. I would prefer a beach walk, especially if it’s a bit windy.

Netherlands 1937 01 16c
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18 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Your memories make me want to go to a beach. While I do live near one, I don't take advantage. Maybe if there were a quiet private beach to pedal to, I'd be more inclined.

Rosie zei

I live near a beautiful river, I call it the Mystical, Magical Miramichi river! There's not a day goes by that I don't see it, I would miss it terribly if I were to move away! Great post.

Bob Scotney zei

I never made it to a Dutch beach when I spent time in Holland. Guess I have missed the chance now. Interesting that you escaped that crowded beach for somewhere quieter.
Fine postcard - so much detailed to be seen when it's enlarged.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy zei

Prenter, I loved reading your post and remembering all the fun things that we do at the beach. I had forgotten about flying kites! One time we went with a large group of friends when I was little, and we played softball on the sand.

I bet that you do really miss the ocean after growing up right there.

It seems that donkeys were popular on beaches overseas. The only one that I remember on our closest beach was the one who helped pull out stuck cars. That was back when you could drive cars on Oregon beaches. You can't anymore, though you still can in the State of Washington.

Loved your sharing!

Kathy M.

Little Nell zei

Wonderful happy memories and so similar to my own experiences as a child. Like Kathy, I too had forgotten the kite flying!

Kathy zei

Today is the first time for me to hear about donkey rides on a beach. I enjoyed your memories and detailed postcard.

Alan Burnett zei

Great card. I remember visiting Scheveningen about 20 years ago and thinking at the time how much it reminded me of so many of the beach resorts in Northern England. There is a wonderful universiality about sands and sea isn't there?

Karen S. zei

What fun to run about with a donkey and fun on the run!

Postcardy zei

I don't think I would like sharing a beach with donkeys.

Brett Payne zei

"to pay for a place to sit" - that would be an outrage, probably illegal, on pretty much any beach in New Zealand.

Peter zei

Thanks for the memories, Prenter. I also remember the guys selling these large juicy pickles. They make my mouth water (the pickles I mean)!
Sitting on the beach is free but sitting on a beach chair in most cases is not. Those you have to hire.

Prenter zei

Better late than never.. 3 replies for now, the others will follow.

Thank you, Wendy. It’s always difficult to make time for relaxation like a beach walk. In winter I desire to sit in the garden. When summer finally has come, I don’t allow myself the time for that. I’m afraid it’s the same with my beach walks.

Thank you, Rosie. I’m glad you’re still enjoying ‘your’ river. Stay with it!

Thank you, Bob. I’ll post more beach photos and cards for you in the future. We’ve always avoid the crowds. So much more to enjoy when you are the only family on the beach. Besides that the kids are never lost between the crowds.

Prenter zei

Thank you, Kathy. The donkeys are gone since long. I remember I’ve seen them when I was very young, late forties. At some quiet beaches you might ride horse.

Thank you, Little Nell. I think we all share happy memories being at a beach as a child. No one is ever bored on a beach.

Thank you, Kathy. Glad you enjoyed my post.

Prenter zei

Thank you, Alan. Yes, these are the borders of the same North Sea. I’ve been on the Shetlands last summer and spend a wonderful afternoon at the beach of a tombolo near Bigton.

Thank you, Karen. Sure, it was fun to look at.

Thank you, Postdcardy. I don't remember anybody was bothered at that time. But times have changed, no donkeys anymore on the beach.

Prenter zei

Thank you, Brett. Peter is right, Brett. Only a chair had to be paid for. And some parts of the beach were occupied by a hotel for their guests. Some tourists dug a large pit for their family and let no one else in. Very annoying on a crowded beach!

Thank you, Peter, for visiting and commenting and for your explanation too. Do you mean ‘augurken’? I only remember ice creams being sold and our sandwiches with the never avoidable sand.

Kat Mortensen zei

It all sounds very idyllic. It makes me long for the sand between my toes, Prenter!

Mike Brubaker zei

A neat postcard. The donkey rides seem a Euro recreation as I don't know that many American beaches ever had the same activity for children.

Prenter zei

@Thank you, Kat. The next appointment of my toes with the beach is in the spring, on Ascension Day.

@Thank you, Mike. Other commentators agree with you about donkey rides in past times. However I don’t see donkeys on the beach any more nowadays. Times have changed I think.