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Braces in Staphorst, Netherlands

This is a post for Sepia Saturday 192. Dit is een bijdrage aan Sepia Saturday 192.
(Nederlandse tekst direct na de Engelse).
It was not hard to find appropriate postcards for the theme of this week. In the Dutch village Staphorst braces are worn for more than 100 years.
Het was niet moeilijk om passende ansichtkaarten te vinden bij het thema voor deze week. In het dorp Staphorst worden bretels al meer dan 100 jaar gedragen.
There is much to tell about the regional dress of Staphorst, but today it is mainly about the braces or ‘help straps’.
Er is veel te vertellen over de streekdracht van Staphorst, maar vandaag gaat het vooral over de bretels of ‘hulpzelen’.

This is a picture from a book of 1949. The white braces are wide and clearly visible.
Dit is een plaatje uit een boek van 1949. De witte bretels zijn breed en duidelijk te zien.

Wearing white braces is typical Staphorst. They are not only worn on weekdays.
Het dragen van witte bretels is typisch voor Staphorst. Ze worden niet alleen op werkdagen gedragen.

Also Sunday costume has white braces.
Ook bij de zondagse kerkdracht horen witte bretels.

Even toddler boys wear white braces.
Zelfs kleuters dragen al de witte bretels.

In Sunday suit, ready to visit grandma.
In zondagse dracht bij de kinderwagen, klaar om op bezoek te gaan bij oma.

The red braces were worn until 1910, the white ones until today.
Deze witte elastische ‘hulpzelen’ worden ook tegenwoordig nog gedragen. Tot 1910 werden niet rekbare bretels gedragen, rood voor uit de rouw.

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Norma Ruttan zei

interesting styles of braces

Karen S. zei

Oh what a lovely post of beautiful photos, very nice.

anyjazz zei

You found some very fine illustrations of the theme! I enjoyed your examination of the fashion.

Alex Daw zei

I loved the illustration best of all.

Little Nell zei

Welcome back Prenter! A great contribution to this week's theme as well.

Mike Brubaker zei

Traditional dress is always fascinating for the little details. But why did the color of the braces change from red to white in 1910?

Mike Brubaker zei

Traditional dress is always fascinating for the little details. But why did the color of the braces change from red to white in 1910?

Prenter zei

Thank you all for reading and commenting.
@Little Nell, thanks for the welcome. I'm so happy to be back.
@Mike Brubaker, I have no idea why the color of braces has changed. It's a mystery to me too.

Wendy zei

The white certainly stands out. Was there some significance to the color? It looks like it wasn't a matter of preference.

Glad to see you again!

Jackie van Bergen zei

Great braces. I hope I will see some when we go for Christmas with my husband's family in Maastricht. I hope his aunt has some old photos to show us.

Prenter zei

@Wendy, thank you. I'm sure there is no significance to the white color.
@Jackie, thank you. These braces are typical for the village Staphorst in province Overijssel. I hope you will see some other traditional costumes, with or without braces, in Maastricht, province Limburg.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy zei

Very interesting, and a great selection of postcards. We call them suspenders here.

Kathy M.

Prenter zei

Thank you, Kathy. Great to see you here.