Park Berg en Bos, Apeldoorn

Park Berg en Bos, Apeldoorn
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zondag 8 september 2013

Sailing in Giethoorn, Netherlands

This is a post for Sepia Saturday 193. Dit is een bijdrage aan Sepia Saturday 193.
(Nederlandse tekst direct na de Engelse / Dutch text immediately after the English).
One fine day in 1965 we’re out for a day of boat punting in Giethoorn.
Op een mooie dag in 1965 gaan we een dagje zeilpunteren in Giethoorn.
The peat gave Giethoorn ponds and lakes. In order to transport the turf they dug many canals and ditches. Many houses are built on islands that are only accessible via bridges. Most of the more than 176 bridges are private property.
Door de vervening heeft Giethoorn plassen en meren. Om de turf te vervoeren zijn veel vaarten en sloten gegraven. Vele huizen zijn als het ware op eilandjes gebouwd, die alleen via bruggetjes te bereiken zijn. De meeste van de meer dan 176 bruggen zijn privé-eigendom.

2008 07 08 Netherlands Overijssel, Giethoorn. Cows transport, koeienvervoer.

The main traffic is carried over the water. For this, use is often made of the punt, propelled with a punt tree, like the gondolas in Venice.
Het voornaamste verkeer vindt plaats over het water. Daarvoor wordt vaak gebruikgemaakt van de punter, voortbewogen met een punterboom, net als de gondels in Venetië.


1965 08 09 Giethoorn, boat punting.
The channels of Giethoorn are too narrow to row or sail. My father pushes the boat on with a long stick, the navigation tree. My youngest sister is at the helm.
De kanalen van Giethoorn zijn te smal om te roeien of te zeilen. Mijn vader boomt de punter voort, terwijl mijn jongste zus aan het roer zit.
1965 08 09 Giethoorn, boat punting to Lake Beulakerwijde.

One last corner and then we will arrive at Lake Beulakerwijde.
Nog een laatste bocht om en dan komen we op het Beulakerwijde.
1965 08 09 Skipper ahoy, we reached Lake Beulakerwijde.
Now we can set the sail and go sailing.
Nu kunnen we het zeil opzetten en gaan zeilen.
1965 08 09 Having lunch on Lake Beulakerwijde.
Wherever we're going, my mother always makes sure she takes bread and coffee.
Waar we ook naar toe gaan, mijn moeder zorgt er altijd voor dat ze brood en koffie meeneemt.

1965 08 09 Sailing on Lake Beulakerwijde.
The weather is beautiful. The boat sails well. The coffee is delicious. What more could be wished for.
Het weer is mooi. De boot zeilt goed. De koffie is lekker. Wat zou een mens zich nog meer wensen.

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10 opmerkingen:

Little Nell zei

Trust mothers to always be well prepared with a picnic. An interesting punt into the past.

Gail Perlee zei

Ik had een goede lach over de foto van de koeien in de punter maar hey, wat werkt! (I had a good laugh over the photo of the cows in the punt but hey, whatever works!)

Mike Brubaker zei

In our modern life, we mistakenly think canals were made for moving people, but instead they were designed for moving heavy things like cows and piles of peat. Your family photos on the water are wonderful.

Joan zei

I liked the canal photos, but especially the family sailing photos. I am thankful for Google maps, because my knowledge of geography is not very good. Thanks.

Ik vond het kanaal foto's, maar vooral de familie zeilen foto's. Ik ben dankbaar voor Google maps, omdat mijn kennis van geografie is niet erg goed. Thanks.

Tattered and Lost zei

Fabulous that there were two parts to this adventure all in one boat.

Jackie van Bergen zei

I hope the cows were well behaved - they could make punting very hard if they move about.
And isn't it great how there is always coffee where the Dutch are!? My mother in law and sisters in law - always coffee!

Prenter zei

Thank you all for reading and writing nice comments!
@Little Nell. My mother surely was!
@Gail Perlee. It worked very well indeed. Both cows and farmers were used to it.
@Mike. You're absolutely right about the construction of canals. Thanks for your compliment about the family photos.
@ Joan. I’m using both Google maps and Google translate all the time. What would we be without the internet?
@Tattered and Lost. It is special indeed. This type of boat is in use locally in this area, especially suitable for the combination of narrow canals and large lakes.
@Jackie van Bergen. Ha, the Dutch and coffee! I think our national drink is coffee. We go nowhere without it!

Wendy zei

My mind is spinning wondering how someone convinced a cow to step aboard. How did they steady the boat? On the contrary, it probably didn't take ANY convincing to get your family on board. What a good time you all had!

Prenter zei

@Wendy, thanks for reading and commenting. Do not worry. Cattle farmers have their tricks to guide cows. Indeed, we had a very nice day! The memory still makes me smile.

Hazel Ceej zei

It's only after a second look that I realized those are cows on the first photo. What a charming shot! I learned something new today: punt tree. Thanks for that.